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Last update: July 2022
awareness raising and mobilization for conscious consumption

We visit schools, universities, communities and companies. Using Akatu’s exclusive methodology, our projects are tailored to each target audience — that’s how we ensure effectiveness.


educational and communications products

We work with both the physical and the virtual. We produce a range of creative products designed to promote awareness raising and mobilization among audiences of different ages and from different social classes.


consultancy, campaigns and interventions

We create pathways to reach consumers, run campaigns in the mainstream news and social media, promote interventions in public spaces and provide consultancy services to brands and companies who want to promote conscious consumption, taking our cause to the 4 corners of Brazil.

Consultorias para Marcas e Empresas


talks and workshops

We studied hard until we became experts on the themes running through conscious consumption: sustainable production, consumer information and climate change, among others. Our high-impact talks and workshops always bring something new.


surveys, publications and tools

We believe that the consumer is a being who is constantly “under construction” and has the potential to be an agent for change towards sustainable consumption and production. We develop publications to raise consumer awareness of conscious consumption habits and perform surveys to understand consumer behavior. Our work has changed the course of a number of companies and governments — we are just waiting for the next ones.


Our partnership with Instituto Akatu in implementing a large-scale education for conscious consumption program made a decisive contribution to providing an up-to-date response in the development of new generations for sustainable and environmentally responsible development.

Dr. Manoel Alves
CEO of the Grupo Marista (2007)

Akatu provides us with tools to work with the human dimension of sustainability in a way that is well-structured and can be easily scaled up. The focused and planned work we have done in these cities has been extremely important, enabling Braskem to take conscious consumption to communities in the areas surrounding our operations.

Lúcia Rodrigues
Member of Braskem’s Corporate Social Responsibility department (2019)

We believe that education is the best pathway through which people can transform and improve their lives. We need more environmentally-conscious individuals if we are to have a fairer society, stronger economy and balanced environment.

Felipe Zanola
Manager of R&D and Energy Efficiency, Elektro (2016)

Dow published its 2025 Sustainability Goals and one of our commitments for the next decade is the construction of networks and partnerships to boost sustainable practices across different sectors. To achieve this goal, we will need to mobilize everyone.

Júlio Natalense
Sustainability Leader for Dow in Latin America (2017)

Over recent years, Akatu has been a key partner in our sustainability strategy, thanks to its expertise in awareness raising and education for conscious consumption.

Leonardo Lima
Corporate Director of Sustainability, McDonald’s (2016)

The enthusiasm of my colleagues and training multipliers only reinforces my conviction that companies have a huge opportunity to influence the transformation of our society.

Yazmin Trejos
Corporate Communications and Sustainability Manager, Masisa Brasil (2014)

The project was developed respecting our reality and mobilizing staff, customers and suppliers to adopt new consumption habits. Akatu demonstrated capacity to adapt, cooperate and create transformative solutions through a pragmatic and creative approach.

Renata Moura
Director of Carrefour Brasil (2010)

Working with Akatu in the production of the “Collective Consciousness” video series was one of Canal Futura’s most relevant initiatives. By combining Akatu’s quality content with innovative and fun language, the series made a major contribution to raising young people’s awareness of environmental issues, and provided undoubtedly important resources to Brazil’s teachers.

Lucia Araujo
General Manager of Canal Futura (2010)