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We provide consultancy services to brands and companies who seek to promote the conscious consumption and sustainability cause in their processes and with their customers. We develop projects and actions focused on creating the enabling conditions companies need to offer customers sufficient information and alternatives to make choices that minimize impact when buying, using and disposing of products and services.
We work in the following areas:
Strategies for Sustainability
We help companies implement sustainability strategies through the creation of sustainability frameworks, analysis and reformulation of sustainability plans, and development of sustainable products and alternatives along the supply chain. These actions may also include talks and workshops to raise awareness among the company’s leadership and staff about issues such as corporate sustainability and conscious consumption and production.
Comunicação para a Sustentabilidade
Communication for Sustainability
We work alongside companies that want to build a more transparent and effective dialogue with customers, provide information on the sustainable attributes of their products or services and help consumers make better choices for the environment. We develop communications and marketing plans and design actions or projects geared towards helping the company achieve its sustainability goals and address challenges, including: surveys (qualitative and quantitative), content preparation, the development of environmental impact calculators, and creation of campaigns and interventions.