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We believe that a network-based approach and strengthening initiatives that promote conscious consumption and sustainability help to scale up and legitimize the healthier and sustainable lifestyles movement. To this end, we take part in various groups and contribute to various collective actions aimed at transforming society.
We work in the following areas within this sphere:
Awareness raising and mobilization for conscious consumption is a global movement that impacts the whole planet. We ensure that we are part of this movement by sitting on committees and taking part in working groups and programs that promote dialogue between multiple stakeholders. Find out more about these committees, working groups and programs:
seta Consumer Information Program for Sustainable Production and Consumption (CI-SCP)
Coordinated by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP Paris) and Consumers International
seta Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme (SLEP)
Coordinated by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP Paris) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
  • Coordinator of the Working Group on Education for Sustainable Lifestyles
seta World Economic Forum
  • Member of the Forum’s global agenda councils on Sustainable Consumption, the Sharing Economy and Mobility
seta UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21)
  • Member of the Brazilian delegation at the COP 21, which resulted in the Paris Agreement
Social Sector and Public Policies
We work alongside other groups and organizations to broaden the reach of the conscious consumption and sustainability cause. We also take part in advocacy networks and initiatives that work with different levels of government to propose, support and influence the formulation of guidelines and policies to foster the uptake of sustainable lifestyles. Find out more about these networks and initiatives:
seta The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture
The Akatu Institute has been a member of the Coalition since 2014. A multi-sectoral movement addressing climate change issues through the prism of a low-carbon economy, the coalition unites the environmental protection, sustainable use of forests and sustainable agriculture agendas.
seta LCA Network
The Akatu Institute has been a member of the LCA since 2013. The network brings together businesses and civil society organizations to debate and disseminate the concept of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a determining factor in the evaluation of the socioenvironmental impact of products and services, mobilizing the private sector, governments and consumers.
seta Collaborative Advocacy Network
The Akatu Institute has been a member of the Network since 2018. Composed of civil society organizations, the network carries out advocacy in lawmaking bodies to create new policies or amend existing ones, focusing on the following themes: socioenvironmental issues, human rights, transparency and integrity, and new economy.
seta SDSN Network
The Akatu Institute has been a member of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network since 2014. The Network mobilizes global scientific and technical expertise to address sustainable urban development challenges, including the planning and implementation of the SDGs.
seta City of São Paulo’s Sustainable Development Commission
The Akatu Institute participated in the review of the global goals for São Paulo, suggesting indicators for the creation of the city’s SDG Plan.
seta Brazil’s National Sustainable Production and Consumption Action Plan
The Akatu Institute was a member of Action Plan steering committee between 2010 and 2011.